C2ST Initiatives

Each year we strive to reach a wider and more diverse audience to make sure that we are fulfilling our mission of raising scientific literacy and appreciation for science and technology in the general public. With this goal in mind, we have implemented several initiatives that speak to our commitment to change and innovate our practices to better serve the public.

Science + Cinema

The Science + Cinema initiative serves to highlight the intersection between film and science as a device for wide dissemination of scientific knowledge and to promote collaboration between film makers and scientists. Movies have helped change the way people view social issues, inspired people in their choice of a profession, helped us understand our rapidly changing world and sparked political reform. We think it’s time to move science and technology into the mainstream of our culture, to the point where we care about scientific breakthroughs almost as much as the outcome of a football game. Movies can help make that happen.

Science in the Parks

This initiative grew out of an impetus here at C2ST to reach communities that were underrepresented in our audiences. We wanted spaces that were established in Chicago neighborhoods where we were not able to reach previously. This is a concerted effort between C2ST and the Chicago Park District to bring free, family-friendly programming to Chicago’s communities and make science more accessible to everyone. Learn with us at the parks!

CPS Educator Fellow

C2ST CPS Educator Fellow

The C2ST Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Educator Fellow acts as a liaison between C2ST and the CPS community, helping C2ST understand the needs of teachers, and help teachers find C2ST programs that will be useful for them. Each year C2ST will choose a new Educator Fellow in order to make stronger ties to the different school districts and communities in Chicago. Through this initiative we hope to offer new perspectives on science and technology to teachers and provide CPS parents and students opportunities to learn about the world-class research being done in their own backyard.

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C2ST is a proud advocate of science and technology both in the Chicagoland area and beyond. Here we compile all information, programs, fellowships, and events that may be helpful or interesting to our community. Check this page occasionally for internship opportunities.

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Women in STEM

“Women earn over 40 percent of STEM degrees, yet only comprise 26 percent of the STEM workforce. AWIS [Association for Women in Science] research shows that a number of cultural and systemic biases and barriers negatively impact women in STEM. Given that women represent half of the world’s population, the inclusion of women in the STEM talent pool is not just an issue of social justice – it is an economic imperative.”

– Dr. Susan Windham-Bannister, AWIS National Governing Board President

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C2ST Artist in Residence 2015-2018

Aaron Freeman

Meet Aaron Freeman, writer/producer, science commentator and funnyman. Former host of both NPR’s weekly talk show Metropolis, and WTTW’s Chicago Tomorrow, a weekly science-and-health half-hour magazine. Aaron will be sharing his take on a variety of science topics through posts and videos. Follow his YouTube Channel, Science the Day!