Science, Conservation and Sustainability

April 21, 2009

DePaul University - Lincoln Park Campus
1110 West Belden Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States


As the global spread of consumerism and destruction of ancient forests threaten to leave us with an impoverished and vulnerable world, the call for strong commitment to a vision of a planet that resonates with life is dire.

Debra Moskovits, Field Museum Senior Vice President and Co-Founder of Environment, Culture, and Conservation (ECCo) division of science,  identified key ingredients that allow rigorous science to secure rapid protection of vast expanses of intact forests in the Andes and Amazon. She also explored the carbon market as a possible mechanism to sustain living forests.

Additional Evening Program:
Science 1-to-1 for Educators & Students!

Following the lecture – Science, Conservation and Sustainability – students and educators joined Dr. Debra Moskovits as she led C2ST’s first-ever Science 1-to-1 on pertinent issues regarding ecology and conservation.

  • CPDU Credits Offered
  • Food & Refreshments

Science 1-to-1 is a special program for Educators and Students offering active engagement with C2ST keynote speakers.

DePaul University – Lincoln Park Campus
Monsignor Andrew J. McGowan Environmental
Science & Chemistry Building
1110 W. Belden Ave.
Room 108

Speaker Bio:
Debra Moskovits, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Environment, Culture, and Conservation

For more than 35 years Debra Moskovits has worked in ecology and conservation in the tropics, first as a behavioral ecologist, then as a developer of public exhibitions on ecology, evolution, and conservation. Moskovits now leads the Field Museum team dedicated to translating rigorous biological and anthropological science into lasting results for conservation and the well-being of people living in and around biologically rich areas. In Chicago, Moskovits is among the leading founders of Chicago Wilderness. She received her B.A. from Princeton University and her Ph.D. from The University of Chicago.