People of the Green Sahara

March 14, 2009

Francis W. Parker School
330 West Webster Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States


Participants traveled back in time with world-renowned paleontologist Dr. Paul Sereno to learn about an ancient human world.

In 2000, a major archaeological discovery made in Niger by a team led by Dr. Sereno opened a window onto the “Green Sahara.” The site revealed a 5,000-year-long drama of changing climate and transforming cultures. Lakeside cemeteries with of hundreds of spectacular human burials included a man seated in a turtle shell, a girl wearing an arm bracelet, and a triple burial involving a mother and two children in symbolic embrace.

These people’s tools, ornaments, diet, health, stature, genetic relationships, and appearance were reconstructed by an interdisciplinary and international team of scientists.

Location: Francis W. Parker School, 330 W. Webster Ave.

Hosted By: Project Exploration, Francis Parker School, C2ST and Science Chicago


Event Details

Dr. Paul Sereno
Paleontologist, University of Chicago
President and Cofounder, Project Exploration