Cinema Slapdown Round 53: Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity

September 19, 2014

Film Row Cinema
1104 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA


Is Gravity a realistic view of the hazards of intergalactic travel, or just a reboot of old movie serials with weightlessness thrown in? Is it an examination of solitude and the human need to connect with others, or a soporific woman’s weepie about the pains of unfulfilled motherhood? Gravitas or grasping for meaning?

C2ST will join Columbia College Chicago Cinema Art + Science for the first bout in a new season of Cinema Slapdown, as they take on Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar winning excursion to the edge of action movie archetypes. Featuring Cinema Art + Science Associate Professor and Slapdown Superstar Julian (“a spirited glimpse into the eternity of space”) Grant versus University of Chicago Cosmologist and Dean of Physical Sciences Edward “Rocky” (“a dispiriting gaze at the edge of clichés”) Kolb. Referee’d by Associate Professor and Talk Cinema host Ron Falzone.

C2ST is proud to partner with Columbia College Chicago, Cinema Art + Science and Wabash Arts Corridor on this event. Movie screening held at 7 pm, followed by a spirited debate about the film. Admission is free; first come, first served.

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